56 Littlehay Road, OXFORD, OX4 3EQ

A traditional terrace, extended and renovated (in 2011) to a modern standard, featuring contemporary fittings and a minimalist design.


Name Size Price Deposit
Bedroom 1 3m75 x 3m05 575 per month 595
Bedroom 2 3m20 x 2m90 560 per month 580
Bedroom 3 3m90 x 2m70 (longest dimensions) 500 per month 515
Bedroom 4 3m30 x 2m70 + bathroom 600 per month 620

Minimum tenancy duration and fee

The minimum tenancy length is 12 months, however, there is a provision in the agreement to terminate the agreement early, subject to certain provisions.

There is a non-refundable administration fee of 100 payable when you sign the tenancy agreement. The are no other administration or other fees related to the starting or ending of the tenancy agreement. There is no tenancy renewal fee.


Your deposit will be protected by "The Deposit Protection Service"


We will ask you to sign an assured shorthold tenancy, which will roll over on a month by month basis after the initial period. You will need to supply the information asked of the tenant referencing service we use.


In summary, you pay your rent plus a share of the gas, electricity and water consumption. Based on usage for March 2016 to March 2017 you could expect your share of the bills to average 27.00 per month, but will of course vary based on actual consumption and how much electricity you use in your room, and will be higher in winter and lower in summer. The Landlord pays the standing charges. Electricity in your room is metered separately. In the above mentioned 27.00, the lowest sum for electricity for the room was 0.38 and the highest 3.60 The following table explains it in more detail.

Who pays for which bills
Service Landlord Tenant Tenants (shared)
Electricity (standing charge) Landlord
Electricity (shared areas) Tenants
Electricity (bedroom) Tenant
Gas (Standing charge) Landlord
Gas (Consumption) Tenants
Water (Standing charge) Landlord
Water (Consumption) Tenants
Water (Bedroom 4 bathroom) Tenant
Television Licence (common areas) Landlord
Television Licence (bedroom)* Tenant
Council Tax Landlord
Broadband Landlord
Telephone (line rental) Landlord
Buildings insurance Landlord
Contents insurance (landlord's posessions) Landlord
Contents insurance (tenant's posessions) Tenant

*Whilst the landlord pays for a television licence for the open plan area, please be aware that under most circumstances, should you use a television or the internet in your bedroom to watch BBC or other channels you will be required to purchase a separate television licence.


Each bedroom has an associated electricity meter, which meters electricity consumed by both power sockets and lighting. It is not a prepayment meter.  The landlord does not profit from the resale of electricity.