56 Littlehay Road, OXFORD, OX4 3EQ

A traditional terrace, extended and renovated (in 2011) to a modern standard, featuring contemporary fittings and a minimalist design.

Bedroom 2 From Landing Bedroom 2 Door Bedroom 3 Bed Bedroom 3 Wardrobes Bedroom 2 Inside Left Hand Wardrobe Bedroom 2 Inside Right Hand Wardrobe Bedroom 2 Window Wardrobe BedBedroom 2 Window Bedroom 2 Laptop Workstation and Bed Bedroom 2 Laptop Workstation Closed Bedroom 2 Laptop Workstation Open Bedroom 2 Laptop Workstation Shelves Bedroom 2 Laptop Workstation Data Bedroom 2 Radiator

Bedroom 2

This bedroom is rented furnished. The dimensions are approximately 3m20 x 2m90. This room faces Littlehay Road. The chimney breast between the bed and laptop workstation is not shown in the computer generated drawing.


The bedroom contains a single bed, chair, laptop workstation and fitted wardrobes. The wardrobes are configured as : 1 x 1m wide with shelf and clothes rail 1 x 0m50 wide with 3 shelves, two shoes rests and a concealed double socket (allowing you to keep your devices and their chargers neatly out of view) and 1 x 0m50 wide with three drawers and 2 shelves.

Data sockets, power & lighting

There are two sets of data sockets for television and two internet / ethernet ports.

Two way light switches control the low energy downlights and the LED feature lighting illuminating the built-in wardrobes. One switch set is near the door, the other at low level near the bed.


A 7 day digital thermostat (in each room in the house) allows you to set the room temperature to your individual needs. Radiators are heated by the boiler and controlled by electronic valves.

Sound & thermal insulation

The walls between the upstairs rooms have sound insulation installed to minimize disturbance to and from other tenants. The exterior bedroom and shared bathroom walls have had thermal insulation applied to increase your comfort and reduce carbon emissions.


The window has a 50mm wide white slatted blind. The window is an egress window, providing an escape route in case of fire.


This bedroom shares the upstairs bathroom along with the other two bedrooms upstairs.

The shared bathroom has two heated towel rails each measuring 1m80 x 0m50, giving you plenty of opportunity to keep your towel separate from those of other tenants. The bathroom has an individual timed thermostat to ensure your towel is dry during the winter months. The bathroom mirror is fitted with an electric demister pad.

Smoke Alarm

The smoke alarm in the bedroom is mains powered and battery backed up, and interlinked with the other smoke and heat alarms in the house.